It is no secret that every woman dreams of a beautiful, soft and silky hair. But in order to grow their own long hair, you need to make a lot of time and effort. Today, to help women come new technologies. Get beautiful hair , now possible with the help of hair extensions. 

 We offer to your attention, natural Slavic hair for extensions, Remy! Our hair is suitable for all types of extensions. All the hair with a double drawn, inside the bundle do not have hair shorter than 20 cm, straight and with a natural wave, which is typical for this type of hair. Hair without silicone, passed industrial and heat treatment, moved by our craftsmen manually. Length 50 to 70 cm, our hair is collected only on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. This type of hair is the undisputed leader for extensions not only in our territory, but also far beyond the borders of our country. Remember, real Slavic hair can not be cheap! But the high price can’t stop the true experts of beauty and quality. Long and beautiful hair is the passion of all women. Trends and fashion are changing, but long hair is always popular and look stylish. We are convinced that the quality of our products, you will appreciate ! 

 Goods sent after full payment via our partner, the transport company "UPS" and "DHL"

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